"DCCSystem" Base Wireless Remote Release

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DCCSystem Base Wireless Remote Release


When photos are taken of shy or dangerous animals, it is necessary to establish a distance between the photographer and the object. With this remote shutter release, you can bridge this distance very easily and take shake-free, extraordinary photos. Brilliant!

  • Bulb function for shake-free long-term exposures without time restriction
  • Two-stage shutter release button adjusts distance with autofocus and triggers then
  • Due to exchangeable camera connections, the remote shutter release can be used for all common camera models
  • Delayed shutter release (4 seconds), e.g. for self-portraits
  • Screwable connection for a secure hold between the cable and remote shutter release

Our ‘DCCSystem’ Base can be connected with a ‘system cable’ to all cameras from Canon, Nikon Sony, Minolta, Olympus, Panasonic, Leica, Pentax, Samsung, Fuji with remote control. The cable is not included with the remote shutter release. Should you later decide to buy a new camera, the remote shutter release will remain a constant friend. You merely need to buy a new connection cable.


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