Worms Rumble Fully Loaded Edition (PS4)

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  • The first real time Worms
  • 32 player Cross platform multiplayer
  • classic weapons with new ways to play
  • player customisations
  • including the legends Pack and the All-Stars Pack

The first real time Worms!

you won't find any turn-based combat in Worms rumble. Every round is in real time! If your enemy is raining fire upon you, give them Heck right back!

32 player cross platform multiplayer with friends online across console and PC. With death match and last Worm standing solo and squad battle Royale modes available at launch!

classic weapons with new ways to play

Arm yourself with new and returning fan-favourite weapons! With classics like the bazooka, Holy hand-grenade and sheep launcher and the all-new hammerhead, plasma blaster and Rocket shield.<Events, challenges and 'the lab'

take part in seasonal and community events, and daily challenges for additional XP and in-game rewards. And experiment with new gameplay mechanics and weapons in the lab. Each week brings new experimental game modes with new fun ways to play!

player customisations

earn XP and in-game currency to unlock and purchase weapon skins, outfits, accessories and emotes! Mix and match to create your own personal style on the battlefield.

legends Pack:<celebrate 25 years of Worms icons with the legends Pack! Customise your Worm with these awesome outfits, weapon skins and banners.This Pack includes:

6 outfits - retro Commando, sheep, Donkey, Skunk, cow and pigeon (each with 3 different colour variants!)

weapon skins - retro, wooly, concrete, poison, bovine, feathers

6 banners

all-stars Pack: jump into the fight with your favourite action hero! Whether you're bold, cunning, or wise, the action All-Stars Pack has you covered.This Pack includes:

3 outfits - superhero, wizard and Ninja (each with 3 different colour variants!)

3 weapon skins (heroic, magical and Cherry blossom)

3 emotes

3 titles

3 banners.

Product Specification

  • Genre: Action
  • VR Compatible: No
  • VR Only: No
  • PEGI Rating (Age): 7+

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