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Experience an all new story focusing on Lu Bu, the unrivaled warrior of the Three Kingdoms era. Riding his famous steed, Red Hare, he inspired the saying, "Among men, Lu Bu; among horses, Red Hare." Follow along as the life of Lu Bu is portrayed in the game, including all of the hardships and triumphs he faces while constantly seeking to test the limits of his own strength.

■Every character gains a second EX attack. ■Includes a revamped bodyguard system which allows players to bring up to three bodyguards. ■Players have the option of manually activating Storm Rush attacks by tapping and simultaneously. ■A new option that enables players to view only the enemy general's health bar has been added. ■The maximum level cap is now 150 instead of 99. ■Includes new sixth weapons for every weapon type as well as a new "Ultimate" difficulty mode.


Product Specification

  • Genre: Hack n Slash
  • VR Compatible: No
  • VR Only: No
  • PEGI Rating (Age): 16+

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