Zanki Zero - Last Beginning (PS4)

Zanki Zero - Last Beginning (PS4)

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  • Play from the POV of one of eight protagonists in each chapter and explore the dungeons, towers, and islands to uncover the deadly sins of the protagonists' past
  • Hunt for materials and food while fending off monsters in real-time battle environments, but don't forget to sleep, eat, and go to the bathroom
  • With only 13 days in one life cycle, each clone's stats, abilities, and capabilities differ from youth to old age. Depending on how you die, you can even earn bonus upgrades for your next life cycle. Take advantage of each life cycle to the fullest!


Product Description

From producer Yoshinori Terasawa and game designer Takayuki Sugawara, the creators of the Danganronpa series, comes a new kind of survival game, Zanki Zero: Last Beginning. Explore the ruins, dungeons, and islands in this post-apocalyptic world through the POV of eight protagonists as they fight for survival and search for meaning in their never-ending cycles of life and death. The eight main characters are all human clones. Clones are subject to fast aging. After 13 days, they die of old age. Death is unavoidable. The protagonists can "Extend," or create new clones, to come back to life. Levels, skills, and memories carry over to the new clone. However, the new body will be created in child form. Clones can only be created by the "Extend Machine"! Garage Island is the base of operations. From here, you can explore any ruins that drift by. You must find "something" deep within the ruins to clear them. As the story progresses, the next ruins will appear. Conquer all ruins to solve the mystery!.

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