Holy Potatoes Compendium (Switch)

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Welcome to the Holy potatoes veggieverse! The home of wacky and wonderful spudtacular Sim management games available in a box for the first time.

holy potatoes is an adored franchise by fans across the world for their hot potato characters, vibrant world and satisfying progressive gameplay. Each title has you managing your starch-filled friends in a variety of environments.

  • Holy potatoes! A weapon shop?!: Get to work and forge the finest weapons to sell to half-baked heroes. Close management of your staff and usdtarch will be needed to succeed in the arms race.
  • Holy potatoes! We're in space?!: Captain a space explorer with your crew of hand-picked potatoes, craft hundreds of modules, and explore the vastness of the veggie-verse.
  • Holy potatoes! What the hell?!: you're late for your first day at work in the afterlife as a chef! Cook up a range of incredible recipes for the purpose of appeasing your pantheon of Gods.


Product Specification

  • Genre: Action-adventure
  • PEGI Rating (Age): 7+

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