Hama Fitness Tracker, Pulse Meter, Calories, Sleep Analysis

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Fit Track 1900

Get started and do your body some good! The fitness tracker means you always have your personal motivator with you. With pulse meter, step counter, calorie consumption and sleep analysis, you're fully informed about your fitness and physical functions. Now there are no more excuses!

  • Your pulse at a glance: activate heart rate measurement whenever you want to know how fast your heart is beating
  • Sweet dreams or turning thoughts over in your head: with the sleep analysis function, know exactly how your deep sleep, dream and waking phases are divided up
  • Even more networking: in combination with Apple Health, get even more analyses for a healthy lifestyle
  • This is an app you can rely on: "Yoho Sports" is quality assurance-tested and all of its functions have been extensively tested in Germany
  • The sporting success for all eternity: keep a memory of your personal bests - with the remote trigger function, you can control your smartphone camera for the perfect selfie
  • Sporting daily calorie balance: on the display, see how many calories you have burned in total and in the app when you burned the most calories
  • No more couch potato: the exercise reminder pushes you to new peak performances after a pre-set time
  • A daily goal of 10,000 steps: using the step counter, accurately track how many steps you take in a day



With the free Yoho Sports app, you can view your daily statistics, check the results of your workouts, and call up your sleep data and your activity history for the past few weeks at any time. This makes it very simple for you to check on which days of the week you achieved your daily goals and reset them in the app.

You can download the app in the App Store or Google Play Store.

You can download the app in the App Store or Google Play Store. The app can be easily synchronised with your ‘Fit Track 1900’ via Bluetooth. To ensure high reliability and maximum ease of use, the Yoho Sports app has undergone quality assurance testing, and has been tested comprehensively at function level in Germany.

You can also use the fitness watch in conjunction with the Apple Health. This means you are optimally connected and receive even more analyses for a healthy lifestyle.

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