Hama 3.5 mm jack plug - socket, stereo, gold-plug 5m

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  • Flexible materials guarantee optimum kink protection and prevent cable breakage
  • High-quality materials and shielded lines for excellent sound quality without interference
  • Gold-plated plug with low contact resistance for secure signal transmission
  • Form-fitting plug with elevation for a firm hold in every jack socket, also with a bag/cover, for excellent audio quality without interruption
  • For transmitting analogue audio signals e.g. between an MP3 player and an amplifier
  • For devices with a jack connection


  • By plugging in your headphones into the 3.5mm jack socket, you can then plug in your headphones into the other end to extend the cable as far as you want. Now you can switch on the TV or stereo and sit back and relax in your favourite chair across the room, or plug in some mini speakers and position them in various locations some distance away from the audio source to distribute the sound evenly. There is even a volume control integrated into the cable for convenience. With high-quality gold plated contacts the adapter makes for a tight connection with minimal interference or loss of transmission so you can continue to enjoy your music just as you would if the adapter wasn’t there. Being discrete and compact also makes it easy to take with you on the go to extend your music and make sure that only you and not length of the cable dictates how and where you listen to your audio.


Connection 3.5 mm Jack Plug, 3.5 mm Jack Socket


Length 5 m


Product Specification

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