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Something scary is lurking in the woods… and it needs your help!

ghost parade follows the adventures of suri, a young girl who gets lost in a mysterious Forest on her way home from school. What starts out as one girl's quest to get home on time soon becomes a fight to save the forest and its myriad of supernatural inhabitants from short-sighted humans trying to level the forest for profit.

  • Developed by lentera studio: a side-scrolling action-adventure game from Indonesian developer lentera nusantara studio with a pro-environmental message, with inspiration drawn from spirited away and Pokemon.
  • Ghost of a chance: it's dangerous to go alone. But, with 30 available Ghost companions, you won't have to. Players can interact with up to 70 helpful Spirits over the course of their adventures.
  • a brave new world: go beyond the known and dive into a fully realised world based on Indonesian Mythology and folklore.
  • a Feast for the eyes: features beautiful art direction and thoughtful, original character designs, offering visuals as complex and dynamic as the story itself


Product Specification

  • Genre: Action-adventure
  • VR Compatible: No
  • VR Only: No
  • PEGI Rating (Age): 7+

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