Milestone Ride 3 (PS4)

Milestone Ride 3 (PS4)

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After more than 15 years of struggle against major companies in the international gaming scene, milestone S.R.L. Brings together all their expertise to come up with their first ever proprietary IP motorcycle racing game. These developers became famous in the world of virtual racing with the success of their licensed games under MotoGP and SBK series. Now, they are able to encapsulate all their efforts and milestone DNA in their newest revolutionary racing game ride. Ride gives players the chance to manoeuvre over 100 bike models from 14 of the world's most prominent motorcycle manufacturers like aprilia, ducati, kawasaki, and Yamaha. Choose from a wide roster of bike models currently in production and from the models manufactured between 1987 and 2015 that made motorcycling history. Hundreds of bike models are divided into 4 different categories namely Super bikes, Super sport, naked, and historical bikes. Players have the chance to customize both the appearance and the performance of their bikes with the components modelled from their real-world counterparts. Together with the Leading motorcycle gear manufacturers, ride also offers a full rider customization from head to toe with hundreds of different models and colours for suits, helmet, and so on, similar to the models in the official catalogues. Ride takes players to 15 different locations categorized in three different paths: country tracks, city tracks, and GP tracks. Face 15 AI riders with the game's offline mode with up to 2 players in split screen or enter an online mode with up to 12 competitive riders. Participate in motorcycle festivals with world Tour mode and compete in varieties of race modes: single race, Championship, time Trial, track day, drag race, and endurance. Each race will determine the player's stand in world Ranking of ride. In the sequence of events, reach the ultimate goal of becoming the best motorcyclist in the world!.


  • Configure your race bike using real values and metrics
  • helmet Cam, free camera for first-person perspective & third person camera!
  • 100+ bikes across 4 different categories: Naked, supersport, superbikes & historical
  • unprecedented customization from the bike's appearance to its engine, transmission, brakes, suspension and wheels!
  • traditional racing circuits, country tracks, recreated city tracks & special tracks!
  • game modes: world Tour, single race, Championship, time Trial, track day challenge, drag race, Endurance
  • circuit races (up to 16 riders)


Product Specification

  • Genre: Sports
  • VR Compatible: No
  • VR Only: No
  • PEGI Rating (Age): 3+

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